Are you looking for a long-term solution to your hard water problem? A water filter installation from your trusted knoxville plumber could be the solution!

Water filters provides continuous filtered water in your home or commercial property.  Filtered water is increasingly becoming popular as people learn more about the food & drink they consume and what’s in it.

Water filter installation can help you save money, protect your pipes & increase the lifespan of your appliances.

Water Filter Installation in KnoxvilleDo you need a water filter?

Installing a water filter is usually a case of preference, some people will benefit from a water softener more than others. How much you benefit from a water filter however will depend on how much hardness is in your water. If you do not live in a hard water area you will benefit very little from a water softener, if you have .

Did you know that 85% of U.S. households live in a hard water area?


How do you test for hard water?

It is usually quite obvious if you have hard water in your water supply. Here are a few signs of hard water:

  • Scale in your water using appliances
  • Dry & rough clothing
  • Bubbles on your glasswear & plates after cleaning

How to test for hard water


Why is hard water a problem?

Although hard water is considered safe for drinking it can cause a number of other problems in your household which can cost you money in the long run!

  • Can lead to clogged pipes from contaminates in the water supply.
  • Can affect the performance & reduce the lifespan of your domestic appliances.
  • Stains glasses, plates & bowls.
  • Bubbles on your glasswear & plates after cleaning.

With filtered water you keep the essential minerals found in normal tap water but remove the impurities your body doesn’t need..

Benefits of Water Filter InstallationBenefits of water filter installation?

There are lots of benefits to installing water filtration/water purifier systems, including:

  • Better tasting drinking water.
  • Remove tap water acidity which can disrupt your body’s natural PH balance.
    • Reduce the risk of cancer (Some studies have suggested that tap water treated for cleanliness can pose a higher risk of some cancers).
  • Purified water helps you to feel healthier & more energised!
  • Save money on buying bottled water or filter cartridges.

Our trained plumbers will provide you an accurate quote before completing any work.  We always provide a quality installation, so you can enjoy refreshing filtered water for years to come… 

Our water filters come with 5 years warranty as standard for your peace of mind.

Our water filtration services include:

  • Whole house water filter installation
  • Under sink water filters
  • Water Conditioners
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Acid Neutralizers


Water Heater Installation in Knoxville, TN

We provide installation services in Knoxville, Corryton, Fountain City and Halls.  We provide installation services in Knoxville, Corryton, Fountain City and Halls.

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