Does your toilet no longer flush like it should?  Has it been making strange noises for some time?   Does it sound like it is constantly running?

Whatever issue you have with your toilet, we are fully equipped to restore it back to new condition or install a replacement where required.

If you are not sure whether you need a repair or a replacement our expert, licensed plumbers can talk you through the benefits to provide the best service for you.

Have you noticed any of the following problems?

  • Constant water running
  • Leaking (bowl or base)
  • Loose seat
  • Overflowing
  • Slow Draining
  • Vibrating seat
  • Got another problem?  Let us know…

As one of the most used appliances in your home, you want to be sure that your toilet works correctly & stays in tip-top condition!

We carry a wide selection of quality fittings & always guarantee all of our work…

Looking for a cosmetic replacement?

Are you simply looking for a replacement toilet to match your new bathroom design?  No problem! We can install your new toilet in no time at all… Just ask! 

Contact Boyd Plumbing for a reliable, toilet repair or replacement service in  Knoxville, Fountain City,Halls or  Corryton.