Slab Leak RepairSlab leaks form in the copper water lines below the floor of your home, also described as foundation leaks or pinhole leaks.

Plumbing lines built beneath concrete slabs are vulnerable to shifting soil which can lead to costly leaks & even flooding of entire rooms or your whole home..

Even a small leak beneath your property can be wasting thousands of gallons of water per year.  Slab leaks can lead to additional soil shift which fuels the problem and in severe cases can cause floor eruptions which fill your home, damage floors, furniture and appliances.

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Do you need a Slab Leak Repair?

How can you tell if you have a slab leak? Here are some of the common signs that you have a foundation or slab leak:

  • Your water bill has increased unexpectedly
  • Your flooring has become discolored
  • You can hear the sound of running water with no taps on
  • There has been a visible shift in soil surrounding your property
  • There are noticeable odours coming from your floors/walls

If you have noticed any of these problems, you should not hesitate in scheduling a slab leak detection or repair.

Getting a concrete slab leak repaired early can save you $100s on increased water bills & $1000’s on foundation repair plus the cost of restoring a flooded home..  

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