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Friends and Family Plan - Boyd's Plumbing Keeping your plumbing maintained is the best way to prevent expensive repairs and avoid unexpected leaks or breakages.

10% off all services throughout the year (upon joining)

For just $99.00 per year you can become a member of Boyd’s Friend and Family plan.  Exclusive to residents of Knoxville, Fountain City, Halls and Corryton, our plan ensures your plumbing is working at its best all year long.

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What do I get with the Friend & Family plan?

Our plan includes two diagnostic checks of your plumbing, heating and cooling systems each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
Complete plumbing check including

  • Check all piping for leaks and ware
  • Check insulation of all piping
  • Check all faucets and drains for clogs, pressure, leaks and ware
  • Check copper pipes

Check Heating and Air-conditioning systems – Fall and Spring

  • All parts and systems
  • Check for leaks and clogs
  • Check furnace and air conditioning units


Fix Issues Before They Become a Problem

With annual checks, our trained plumbers can identify issues with your plumbing, before they become a major problem.  This could save you $100s on calling an emergency plumber or waiting to replace your plumbing.
1. Emergencies – Costing you money now; leaks present; flooding or other major home issue is imminent
2. Significant issue that will cause system breakdown and major expense and/or inconvenience within six months
3. Plumbing, heating or cooling issue that should be addressed within I year.


With our friend and family program we give you the confidence that your plumbing is taken care of all year long.


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